INFO about me :

Hi, I'm  a professional video/photographer. Like everyone else. 

I have my own style. 

I shoot both on my own initiative and on commission.

I have lived in Belgium all my life and I have collaborated with photographers from all over the world.

Most of my work I made on my own initiative. I focus on images of individual people, both in portrait form and in motion.

My work mainly consists of (studio) photography where I try to capture metaphors by using props and styling.

I mainly focus on capturing people who like to put their bodies in the spotlight.

One of my long-term projects focuses on making portraits of people who like to show themselves the way they (sometimes) feel.

 If you would like to be in the picture yourself, you can contact me

Then I can schedule you for a future photo shoot.


Send a message to [ ] or call +32 494 105 853